Our History

Founded by Dr. Jane Boston, CountryChase Veterinary opened its doors in Westchase in early 1998. Our exponential growth over the next seven years led to our move in 2005 to our state-of-the-art, 5,000-square-foot freestanding facility which includes preserved wetlands.

Our carefully-designed clinic provides clients and their pets with the most comfortable environment possible for medical care. Separate dog and cat waiting areas cut down on pre-exam stress, natural light banishes that ‘hospital’ feeling, and materials and colors from nature throughout create a soothing atmosphere.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy at CountryChase is simple: we strive to practice ‘good medicine’ at all times. What does this mean? For us, the cornerstones of good medicine is the belief that nutrition and exercise holds the keys to good health and the physical exam is the most important element of your pet’s continued well-being. Taking a detailed history as well as observing and examining your pet are the some of the most powerful tools our doctors have in the detection of medical problems. With modern medicine we can add bloodwork and fluid testing, chemical and microscopic evaluation of urine, etc. to our toolbox.

Vaccines, which have long been a staple of the veterinary visit, are starting to take a back seat to the physical exam in importance. The latest developments in vaccine science have shown us that veterinary practices need new vaccine protocols, tailored to the lifestyle of your pet. While necessary for the prevention of disease, they are not needed with the regularity that was once thought.

Another area of emphasis in our practice is pain management. We know that pets don’t always show pain overtly and we feel it is our duty to keep our animal companions as pain-free as possible, whether its pre-and post-surgically, post-traumatically or chronic pain. We will offer and recommend not only pharmaceuticals but laser therapy, acupuncture, support products and Chinese herbal formulas from our certified acupuncturist, to help keep your pet pain free.

Finally, our motto says it all: We take the time. Our doctors will always perform a thorough examination of your pet and will answer any questions you have about your pet’s health.