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Spay and Neuter
Spaying and neutering is considered an important part of your kitten or puppy’s health care plan. It is a safe and routine outpatient surgical procedure that has a fast recovery time. Spaying females reduces or prevents ovarian, uterine, and mammary cancers, while neutering males prevents testicular cancers and many prostatic diseases. It also prevents unwanted litters, reduces the roaming drive and the pets which may end up in shelters. We will work with you to plan the procedure at the time best for your kitten or puppy’s’ overall health. In general, we recommend spaying before the first heat for females, at least 6 months of age for smaller breed dogs and neutering around 12-18 months of age for large breed male dogs. Following these age guidelines will help decrease chances of medical issues including osteoarthritis, and hip dysplasia, however specific recommendations will be based on your puppy’s overall health.


In addition to spay/neuter surgeries, our veterinarians perform a number of other surgeries including minor orthopedic surgeries, mass removal and general dental surgery. We provide a separate surgical suite, prepping area and the highest standards for anesthesia and monitoring according to AAHA standards. All patients are monitored before, during and after their procedure. Prior to a surgical procedure the veterinarian will discuss the entire process from beginning to end. Per AAHA standards, pre-surgical blood work is completed on all patients prior to the procedure to provide the highest amount of safety.

Laboratory/ Imaging 
At CountryChase Veterinary we utilize the IDEXX laboratory, one of the largest laboratories in the nation, to provide the most up to date and accurate diagnostics available. We can also run diagnostics with our in house IDEXX laboratory machines to provide instant results for emergencies and sick patients.

Ultrasonography and Digital Radiographs
We utilize state of the art technology to provide the best diagnostic imaging to aid in providing the best health care for your pet.

Acupuncture/Eastern Medicine

Acupuncture is indicated for all illness including those that involve paralysis, noninfectious inflammation (such as allergies), arthritis and pain.

Laser Therapy

For over 5 years CountryChase Veterinary has utilized a K- Laser to aid in a myriad of illnesses. Not only will it speed up healing in trauma cases such as sprains and strains but it will improve the body’s ability to heal in any situation. It can also aid in wound or surgical incision healing and can even be used to treat gingivitis!

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