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Services We Offer

Preventive care for pets is our priority, and because of this, we have both in-house and outside laboratory services as well as medical and dental digital radiograph capabilities. We also have our own ultrasound equipment and perform a number of different surgeries, including minor orthopedic surgery.

Our animal hospital is a full service, American Animal Hospital Association accredited veterinary clinic located in West Tampa and serving Westchase, Citrus Park, Oldsmar, Hillsborough, and Pinellas Counties. As a full-service pet hospital, we provide vaccines, nutrition counseling, surgery and dental for all pets, including dogs, cats, birds, exotics, reptiles and pocket pets.

Pet Services for Dogs and Cats

Our animal hospital offers the following services for your pet dog or cat:

  • Preventive Wellness Plans – Your pet’s long term health and longevity begins with a solid and consistent Wellness Plan to last throughout his or her lifetime. This includes annual exams, vaccines, and nutrition and lifestyle counseling.
  • Vaccinations – Vaccines are the bedrock of prevention for your dog or cat, protecting them from such dangerous and potentially deadly diseases as rabies, distemper, parvo and more. Our veterinarian will work with you to determine which vaccines your pet needs, and when.
  • Dental Care – Your pet’s mouth is the open door to everything else in the body. Regular dental care prevents periodontal disease as well as the potential for heart and other diseases.
  • Spay and Neutering – Not only does spaying and neutering prevent more pets adding to the unending pool of unwanted pets, these surgeries have numerous health benefits including prevention of cancers, infections, and negative behaviors.
  • Surgery – In addition to spay/neuter surgery, our veterinarians perform a number of other surgeries including minor orthopedic surgery.
  • Nutrition Counseling – you are what you eat: true for our beloved pets as well. Your pet’s activity level, general health condition, and age all play a key role in determining the best diet plan. Nutrition counseling is a part of our Wellness Plans for pets.
  • Microchips – No one wants to think about losing their pet, but microchipping, allows a better chance of finding them.
    Pet Services for Birds

Our animal hospital is one of the few in the Tampa, Westchase, Citrus Park, Oldsmar, Hillsborough and Pinellas County areas to offer Avian veterinary services. Bring your bird to us for:

  • Wellness plans
  • Post-purchase exams
  • Grooming
  • Annual health exams
  • Sick bird care
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Pet Services for Exotics, Reptiles and Pocket Pets

Our preventive care philosophy holds true for all exotic, reptile and pocket pets. We provide counseling for general care and nutrition as well as emergency and sick animal care.

Because everyone here at our animal hospital is devoted to all animals, your pet will always be treated with care, compassion and the expert skill of our veterinarians.


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